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Oct 09 2009


I’m taking my first sick day today. It sucks, but unlike when I had to miss a day to do data training with the district, I don’t have enough energy to be worried about my kids. There’s stuff in the sub folder, the lesson plan/agenda is up on the board. If things go crazy, it wasn’t because I didn’t prep them enough. Plus, grades have all been finalized and commented upon in the electronic gradebook, and most of the kids who are getting poor grades know about it and know why. Their parents want to call me, they can. Most of them I’ve already talked to. I just – I have literally done everything I can think of to get my students to at least a passing grade, up to and including calls to parents to have them bug their kids about turning stuff in. Every single parent has had multiple letters from me with my phone number in it. And I’m tutoring once a week in my spare time for anyone who cares to turn up. But my principal has made it seem like there will be grades overturned and they will be done with some frequency. I’m sorry, if you’re getting an F, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. The lowest grade that any kid who turned in all his work on time has is a C. Fact.

In Read180, where students seem to be a little more invested, my lowest grade for anyone with decent attendance is a C, my class average is just over an 80%. Part of me feels like I’m going too easy on them, and that this will have to change. But there is some genuine improvement, and my kids are making me proud. If only I could kick the butts of, like, half of the kids in my Study Skills classes. If only, if only.
Can I just say, going back to the being sick thing… medicine is AMAZING. Yeah.

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  1. WV Mom

    Hi Elizabeth!!

    This is WV Mom from Cultures Shocked, the Rotary board. There’s a member on it asking about the University of St. Andrews, so I thought of you. If you have time to revisit your old stomping grounds and help out a hopeful exchanger (sjogren), it would be much appreciated. The thread is here: http://www.cultures-shocked.org/Joomla/forum/showthread.php?t=3329.

    Gretchen gave me the link to this site. I haven’t read much yet, but I’m excited to do so. I like seeing what’s become of the young’uns. :)

    This is an odd place to put this, I know, but I’m so sorry about your mom. It was always fun watching the relationship between the two of you. It was clear, even to someone who knew her online and fleetingly, that she was an amazing woman, and she is missed. Please know that I’ve been holding you in the light for a long, long time.

    WV Mom

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