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Oct 06 2009

Time is (NOT) on my side…

I really don’t have time to be posting, but I haven’t in a while, and I sometimes have felt over the past week like I do nothing but grading. The end of my first nine weeks of teaching is on Friday, and I simultaneously feel like I’ve been doing it FOREVER and like I just started yesterday. Right now my entire life is consumed by grading – ladies and gentlemen, the perils of being an English teacher. It’s enough to make you want to assign only multiple choice, forever and ever. No, seriously.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t really, really tired most of the time.

The stress of knowing how much is at stake is still giving me sleepless nights more often than not. I still haven’t had time to find myself a doctor to help me fix this problem. Nor to make an appointment to fix my hair. Both are equally important, obviously.

But, as usual, my kids are making it totally and completely worth it. C grew 67 Lexile points in under 9 weeks. A, usually my behavior issue in 3rd period, didn’t even have a verbal warning. Every parent I’ve called so far to chase up on missing Big Important Essays was receptive and thankful. I did have some stuff taken from my prize box while I was in planning period, but I’m telling myself it wasn’t anyone from my classes, but probably someone from another class who knew about it. I’m still taking it away for the rest of the semester, but still. I genuinely can’t think of anyone in my class who would do something like that. (Now, I can totally think of someone from my homeroom. But they don’t count.)

If only I had, say, another week to get my crap together, that would be perfect. *sigh*

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