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Sep 22 2009


Today my PD came to my school and observed one of my classes, and then she and my AP and I had a talk about my concerns with my first period class. And what I’ve taken away from this conversation is this: I need to calm the heck down. I’ve been so, so worried and haven’t been getting the feedback thus far that I need to tell me where I need to adjust and where I need to keep pushing, and because of that I assume the worst: that I am the worst teacher to ever plan a lesson. Which, like – I know very well that’s not the case, because at the very least my classroom management continues to be excellent, and when I’m having difficulty I’m quick to adjust or reteach. But I’ve been so freaking out about finding out what works instructionally and feeling lost because I haven’t been getting direction in that regard that it was stressing me way, way out.

But I’ve been working on altering some of the stuff I’ve been worried about over the weekend, and the rotations in Study Skills really worked out well, and I’m really differentiating with the short story we’re reading – it’s one of my favorite short stories by Neil Gaiman, and it’s been adapted as a graphic novel so I can use that with my lower-level readers. But we can still discuss it at the levels we need to be talking about it, and that way my students can start writing about what we’re reading, which is what I’m really concerned about.

Despite the bad days, which happen on occasion, I’m at many more good than bad, and my kids are awesome. Even the ones who are having issues in other classes – I just want to keep them with me the whole day, you know? Okay, except for a couple. But I’m working on cracking them. Mwahahahahahahaha.

Oh, and A got suspended today. I could just wring his neck. I’m not even kidding. He needs to be in my class, not at home. Yeah, my class is gonna run a little more smoothly, but… it’s not right that he’s not here. It’s just not. I’m so angry at him for getting himself suspended for such a stupid, stupid thing. GRR.

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