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Aug 26 2009

“Sitting, relaxing, and the weather was cool…”

Today my kids translated the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song into Standard Academic English as a practice for using SAE during the first draft writing of their first ever five paragraph essay for my class.

It was pretty much the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my first hour B day kids are all, every one of them, completely ridiculous. Given that everyone is ridiculous at age 12, that’s fine. What I really love is putting that ridiculousness to good use. I have never seen people get so excited about 20 minutes worth of work before in my whole life.

But they do! They are excited. And that makes me excited. Honestly, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, because it can’t continue to be like this. It can’t possibly continue to be this awesome. I’m just waiting for something to change, because there is no way that this can continue being my job. I’m not that lucky a person.

SO. If you’d like to help my wonderful, amazing kids out, here’s something you can do! I have set up a DonorsChoose project that I really need funded. My school has literally no technology budget – I had to steal computers from the library to have enough functioning computers to be able to do the preliminary Read180 testing. If I’m going to implement Read180 the way it’s meant to be done, I need an LCD projector of some sort. And because we have one and only one in our whole school and it belongs to the SpEd people, I’ve made it my mission to get my kids one.

If y’all are up for the mission, my project page is up HERE: Powerpoints Are Awful – But Projectors Rock! Any amount you or anyone you know would be up for giving would be appreciated a ridiculous amount.

Oh, and a few photos, since I’ve been promising:

The view from the back of my class – the class rules, in orange, are readable, but the consequences, in yellow, aren’t quite with a photo this size. The quote across the top of the chalkboard is from Barack Obama.

Y’all know I had to have a map somewhere in my classroom, even if I’m teaching English. I’ve taken the book titles on offer from Read180 and put them on the map based on their setting. My journal shelves are a lot less bare now, by the way, as I now have more than two students. Yay!

A closer view of my whiteboard and star student poster, before I had any students. The whiteboard now has a warning section down the far right side, and there’s now an “I’m done! Now what?” poster under Mt. Rushmore.  (Star students’ heads will go in Mt. Rushmore. I’m gonna have that decided before open house. Pictures to follow.)

Yay room 202! It is, I must say, a lovely place to spend all of my time. :)

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